HosPortal already has one of the most sophisticated tools for managing clinical and non-clinical allocations in a hospital environment, for instance to schedule staff to operating rooms, clinics and managerial activities. For a long time our customers have been able to generate recurring staffing templates, specify doctor types and skill-sets for particular activities, or the ability make ad hoc changes to clinical activity at short notice. And because we are cloud-based, all administrators can work on the roster simultaneously and see data updated in real time.

In the last few weeks we have made a number of significant enhancements in response to requests from new and existing customers.

Improved display options

  • Present rosters by individual day, week or month to a screen.

  • Hide unwanted information to reduce the amount of information presented.

  • View by location, or by staff member.

  • Apply visual cues to various types of information. For instance: colour-code staff types and session types, or add customised icons.

  • Export views to PDF that look just like the screen, including colour-coding and icons; easily swap rows and columns.

  • See location sub-groups with improved colour-coding.

  • Get the benefits of using wide-screen monitors, to present more information more simply.

Improved functionality

  • Add text notes to people, sessions or entire days. For day notes, select between private notes (just between administrators) or public ones visible to all.

  • Edit allocations in two ways:

  1. When viewing the allocations by location, edit the people allocated to the location.

  2. When viewing the allocations by staff member, edit the location to which the staff member is allocated

  • Swap and change staff allocations with fewer clicks.

  • Quickly filter each location by staffing status (e.g. find all locations where a trainee has not yet been staffed)

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