Once you have subscribed to iCal, your iCal-linked calendar should sync automatically with HosPortal. See here for how to set up iCal.

Depending on your device (e.g. computer, mobile) and operating system (e.g. Microsoft, Apple), your options might include

  • whether you "fetch" the calendar data from HosPortal manually, or "push" the data to your device automatically at a set frequency

  • the frequency time, which may be as often as every few minutes, or every few hours.

Where to find the sync frequency settings on your device

The frequency with which HosPortal is synced with your iCal service is set on your device and not something that you can adminster through HosPortal.

The following might assist in where to find the iCal settings on your device:

  • iOS supported devices can manage iCal settings through the “Accounts and Passwords” folder of the Settings Application.

  • Apple computers can manage iCal syncing and alerts through "Calendar">"Preferences".

  • Microsoft Outlook will automatically refresh when an iCal is updated (NB this can sometimes take more than 24 hours). Settings can also be adjusted under "Internet Calendar Account Settings"

A note about iCal sync with Google and Android devices

It is a known issue that it is not possible to influence the sync frequency of iCal with Android devices. This is a design issue by Google and not something that HosPortal can control. Our online research indicates that the sync frequency can be 24 hours in some cases. Some of our users have reported longer.

As a result, we do not recommend using iCal sync with Android devices. We would be delighted to update this advice if users report a mechanism to improve its reliability.

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