Sometimes it happens that a message is passed from your mail server (commonly in public hospitals) to our email provider, with a message along the lines of "we don't want to get mail from you anymore". Once this happens, our email provider will put your email address on a list, and won't send any email to that email address.

If you find yourself in this situation, please let us know with a support request, and we will solve this as soon as possible.

Blocked mobile number: If you've added our phone numbers to your block list then this may result in you not receiving any notifications from us. 

Blocked email: If you've added our email address to your block list then this may result in you not receiving any notifications from us. Please look at your inbox settings to take our email address off the blocked list. 

Spam block list: If you've placed our email on the spam list you will need to contact us to be taken off the list. 

Other Possible Reasons

  • Preferences: Please check the Preferences that you've set in the system. Preferences can can me found in your profile (A).

Once in Preferences you will see some or all of the various setting available such as Reminders, Alerts, Notify Lists, SMS and Logout Time. Please check all setting preferences in each category. 

The key thing to note when you are on the Preferences page is (B) the hospital that you're checking the settings for is accurately shown. Once confirmed then you can click on (C) to edit the settings. 

On the Edit page make sure the Reminders have been ticked for the respective rosters and allocations you would like to receive reminders for. Also check that the Alerts, Notify Lists and SMS (E) have been appropriately ticked as per your preference.


Notify Lists


Click Save so that your preferences are remembered.

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