Hosportal’s iCal integration function allows call, leave and theatre allocations to be synced to any digital calendar applications compatible iCal, such as Apple computers, iOS devices, and Windows Outlook. This allows you to access your Hosportal schedule directly on their phone or computer.

To subscribe to Hosportal iCal, log into Hosportal, click on your profile (A) and then “Subscribe” (B):

Depending on your calendar's refresh settings, events should automatically update to include all Hosportal events relevant to you. See example screenshots below. Note that it might take some time to synchronise.

Amending iCal sync frequency

You can alter the settings on your device to generate alerts, increase the sync frequency and to cancel your subscription to Hosportal iCal.

Further details on how to improve the sync frequency can be found here: changing your iCal sync frequency.

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