HosPortal can distribute information relating to allocations, call, leave and events.

Automated messages are of three types:

  1. Alerts are customisable notifications to advise individuals of changes to rosters, events and leave when they occur.

  2. Reminders are sent to users on a timed schedule to remind them in advance of activities such as on-call shifts and events.

  3. Notifications include extracts of HosPortal data (such as roster or leave data) sent at a particular time on a schedule.

This guide explains the types of communications and when the communications are sent.

1 Alerts

1.1 Calltype Alerts

Administrators can create alerts related to Calltypes to send an email (to users or other people who are not HosPortal users) or if one or more of the events described below occur.

Refer here to set these alerts.

1.1.1 SMS unreplied alert

If an SMS call shift reminder (see reminders below) has not been replied to, HosPortal can send an alert. The alert is sent half way between when the SMS is sent out and the start of the shift. For instance

  • if the reminder is set to be sent 48 hours before a shift is due to start, the alert will be sent if there is no reply 24 hours before the shift begins.

  • if the reminder is set to be sent at 10am for a 6pm shift, an alert will be sent if there is no reply by 2pm.

1.1.2 Call swap alert

If users confirm a swap between themselves, HosPortal can send an alert immediately following the swap confirmation. An alert will automatically be sent to the affected users, and any other individuals configured to receive the alert.

1.1.3 Call volunteer alert

If a user picks up a shift that has been labelled as open to volunteers, an alert can be generated to be sent to any number of people. The person selecting the shift is automatically sent a confirmation alert.

1.1.4 Call is unfilled alert

If a call is still unfilled within a specified number of days or weeks of a shift, an alert can be generated.

1.2 Upcoming Call Alerts

A Call roster can be sent by email in PDF to a particular individual (HosPortal user or otherwise).

This can be configured to repeat on a schedule. For example, the 1st On Call roster can be exported to the Switchboard by email at 11am every day.

Refer here to set this alert.

1.3 Leave alerts

Leave alerts can be sent by email. These can be set up for the following purposes:

  • Send an alert immediately when leave is requested

  • Send an alert immediately when leave is added

  • Send an alert immediately when approved leave is added

  • Send an alert immediately when leave is approved

Affected users will be automatically alerted. Alerts can be configured to reach other individuals also.

Refer here for how to set these alerts.

2 Reminders

2.1 Call reminders

Customisable reminders can be set up so that an email, SMS or voice call is sent to the relevant user relating to their call shifts.

These reminders can take place a select number of days or weeks prior to the call shift.

Call reminders can be set up by administrators when creating a new Calltype under the Reminders tab. In the case of an existing calltype, navigate to Call Admin and in the relevant calltype, edit Reminders. [do we want a link?]

2.2 Allocation reminders

2.2.1 Allocations reminders for users

Individuals can adjust their preferences to be notified of their upcoming allocations. This can be customised to a number of hours, days or weeks prior to the allocations taking place.

Refer here for how to set these reminders.

2.2.2 Allocations reminders for administrators

Administrators can set up the following reminders under the Admin tab: 

  1. Send a list of allocations for a specified day can be exported in PDF format at a certain date and time.

  2. Send an alert when an unallocated session is filled.

Refer here for how to set these alerts.

2.3 Event reminders

The event creator can create a reminder that will be sent to all event attendees at some time preceding the event.

These can be configured by selecting the relevant event, navigating to admin and editing reminders.

2.4 Self-roster reminders

HosPortal reminders relating to self-roster are autogenerated by the system. These will include alerts when a self-roster period is upcoming, opening and closing.

3 Notifications

3.1 Notifications as scheduled data export

Notifications allow administrators to set up timed export a specified set of data at a particular time on a schedule. This could include all Call for the following week sent every Monday at 9am. This can be done through the Admin tab. These include:

  • Send a list of call at a particular time

  • Send a list of allocations at a particular time

  • Send a list of leave at a particular time

Further details are available here.

3.2 Notify - sending group SMS and email messages

Separate from the notifications described above, 'Notify lists' can be set up to quickly notify a particular group of HosPortal users. Individuals can remove themselves from Notify lists by adjusting their preferences. Refer here for more details about using the Notify features.

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