The Notify function in HosPortal

The Notify page is a powerful communication tool for sending and tracking emails and - if your hospital has enabled it - SMS messages.  

HosPortal provides a number of standard distribution lists:

  • User of particular roles, such as 'Registrars' and 'Consultants'

  • Users who participate in particular calltypes, such as 'First on-call'.

These lists are automatically updated as users are added to and removed from HosPortal, and as they are added to or removed from particular calltypes.

You can also create custom distribution lists, called Notify Lists, explained in more detail below.

(Note that this Notify function is different from Hosportal's 'Notifications' that allow scheduled transmittal of various categories of HosPortal data.)

What is a Notify List?

A notify list is a collection of any users who can be contacted by Email or SMS by selecting the list with a single click.

For Example, it could be "cardiac anaesthetists" or "nurses who want to work on the weekend" or "people who like baking cakes".

Pressing on the list will chose all those users that are part of the list. You can then type in your email or SMS message and press send.

Creating a Notify list

You can Create a notify list by pressing the "plus" button on the panel at the right of the notify page that says "notify list".

The next page will allow you to chose

  • who is included in this list - it can be any users you have access to at your hospital

  • who can "see" this particular list - it could be just you, or any number of groups of users. Note that you cannot create a list that only participants can see.

  • whether users in the list can remove themselves - this doesn't apply if you are the only person who can see the list

After you've set all the options, press save, and then the list is ready to use.

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