HosPortal is delighted to provide the rostering for radiologists, sonographers and nurses at Mercy Radiology. 

This document provides some Mercy-specific setup tips that will allow you to get started quickly. It should be read in conjunction with the other 'getting started' guides applicable to all users here.

The best way to view the Mercy rosters

Many of HosPortal's pages can be configured and filtered to include more or less information, and can be formatted in different ways. When you return to a page, even after you have logged out, the format should be the same as you last left it.

A general overview of the allocations page and how to change the views can be seen here.

The Mercy Radiology roster administrators recommend that the filter button on the Allocations page (A) should be set out with the following options.

Note that the role filter (B) allows you to show allocations relevant to specific roles (Radiologist, Sonographer, Nurse, All): if you cannot see the roles you expect then check that this is set to the appropriate setting.


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