HosPortal's Notify page can be used to send emails and - if your facility enables it - SMS messaging. This article is focused on first-time users of our SMS messaging.

Email vs SMS

In HosPortal, all customers automatically get access to email messaging on the Notify page, and email reminders. Only customers that have specifically requested and paid for SMS messaging are able to send and track SMS messages.

You can tell if your SMS messaging is activated if you can see the SMS option on the Notify page (screenshot 'A').

Allowing users to send SMS messages

To minimise the chance that SMS messages are abused, and to reduce messaging costs, only those people with admin access rights over messages can send SMS messages. To give someone sending rights, go to their profile, select the 'Access' menu, and amend the rights under the Email column to 'Admin' (see 'B').

Other SMS usage

Once SMS is enabled it can be used for reminders for on-call shifts, under the Call > Admin > Settings > Reminders tab.

Further information on SMS messages

SMS messages can be tracked the same way as email messages. Refer to the following for more information:


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