HosPortal allows an administrator to schedule transmission of key roster and other data to any email address on almost any repeating schedule using the Notification function.

Note that the Notification function is different to HosPortal's broadcast SMS and email function under the 'Notify' menu.

Notifications allow you to send rosters or other HR-related data to people who do not have a HosPortal login. Examples might be:

  • send tomorrow's on-call list to the switchboard at 5pm every day

  • send next week's allocations to the nursing unit manager at 1pm every Friday

  • send last month's leave for all trainees to the hospital HR department and payroll manager on the 2nd of each month.

The categories of data that can be sent under Notifications are:

  1. Call rosters

  2. Allocations

  3. Leave

  4. Events

Finding the notifications menu

Go to Admin > Notifications (see A on the screenshot below).

You then have the option to see the notifications already set up by category (B), edit notifications that have already been set up (C) or create a new one by clicking the '+Add' button (D).

Setting up notifications

The notifications page is in two parts: a tab to define the data to be sent and when it is to be sent (E) and a tab to define who it is sent to (F).

Confirm the category of data you want to send from the dropdown (G), the sending date and time, and the repeat schedule.

The available formatting of the pages to be sent (H) and the details of the data (J) depend on the category selected. The details in J reflect the same options that are available when you are looking at the equivalent HosPortal screen. For instance if you are sending Allocations data you can select if you want to show drafts as well as published data; if you are sending Call data you can select which roles and rosters you want to include.

You can test the format of the report by using the test options (M) described below.

Defining the recipients

On the recipients tab (F) you have the option to define individuals or groups of HosPortal users (K), or add any number of email addresses for non-users (L).

Once you have set up the report, remember to click the Save button.

Testing the reports

Before saving the reports you can test the formatting and email by using the two test options (M):

  • The green email test button will send a single example of the transmission email to you (even if you are not an intended recipient of the notification you are testing).

  • The blue download test button will just download an example of the report to your local device.

Editing and deleting notifications & copying existing notifications

Once a notification is saved you can amend or delete it, or copy it to act as the start of a new notification.

To do any of these, select the edit button next to the relevant notification (C) and choose the options from the menu bar (N):

  • Edit the configuration and select 'Save', or

  • select the 'Delete' button, or

  • Select the '+Copy' button to create a new notification

Notification unsubscribe

Note that recipients of Notification emails have an option to unsubscribe, even if they do not have administration rights over Notifications.

If they select the unsubscribe option within the transmission email (see P below) then they are instantly removed from the Notification group and will not receive that similar transmission in future. They need to unsubscribe separately from each notification they are on.

They can only be re-added to the Notification list by someone with admin access editing the notification as described above.

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