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This guide is the first in a series to assist roster administrators at RDH on the final setup stages of HosPortal in the Department of Medicine.

  • If you have never used HosPortal before, a quick-start guide for administrators can be found here.

  • Our searchable help pages can be found here.

  • If you need further help, click on the 'smile' icon at the bottom-right corner of each page after you log in. Our friendly team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

1. Setting up the roster structure

Each roster administrator should review and edit each roster. In HosPortal each duty or roster is called a calltype. You can find and edit each calltype by going to the Call page (A in the screenshot below) and clicking Admin (B).

You can filter the relevant calltypes using the tags (C) and select/deselect individual calltypes (D) to reduce the number of rosters on the screen. When you find the relevant rosters, click settings (E).

2. Review the roster setup

Please follow the following steps for EACH ROSTER you are responsible for. It is best to do each roster in the following sequence.

2a. Check the roster times

Check that the roster times for each day of the week, and that the public holiday shift times have been set correctly.

To edit the times, select the times that the roster applies to, and the number of people that are required to be allocated for each day/time (F).

Note that times are set by the start time and day, and the DURATION of the shift, not the end time. If you want to check your duration calculations, select Save and the summary panel will show the end times of the roster. You can edit and update the other shift times once you are sure.

To select how the roster applies on public holidays and shut-down days, you can select one of three options (G):

  1. holidays are treated the same as the regular days, no matter what day of the week the holiday falls on.

  2. all holidays have the same time, no matter what day of the week they fall on. For example a holiday shift is always 08.00-18.00, whether it that falls on a Wednesday or a Sunday.

  3. Holiday times are different depending on the day of the week. For example, Friday, Monday and Wednesday holidays are all treated differently to ones on other days.

The holiday times are set at the bottom of the screen (H).

2b. To set a roster so that there is no shift on a holiday, select (2) above ("any day that is a holiday has the same time") and then delete the holiday time at H so that the holiday time is blank.

Once the times are set up, select Save (K). Check that the summary panel shows the times you expect.

2c. Review and edit the 'Options' applicable to your rosters

Go to the options tab and follow the instructions here. Note that you should not need to amend the following:

  • Tags (this has been set by the RDH coordinating team)

  • Skills (these have been supplied by the hospital)

  • Allow gifts (should remain off, except in the case of the Reliever rosters)

  • Allow bounty (should remain off)

  • Allow invoicing (should remain off)

To allow swaps between doctors, you need to select all the other calltypes that the users can swap between. Once you click to allow swaps you will see a list of all the calltypes with have doctors with similar skills (e.g. if you are editing an RMO calltype, the list of swaps will only show other RMO rosters). As a general rule you can tick them ALL on.

2d. Set up any 'Reminders' and 'Alerts' you would like for each roster

Under the Reminder and Alerts tabs you can:

  • Send users email and/or SMS reminders about upcoming shifts. This might be useful for duties they do irregularly, but should not be enabled for rosters that doctors do on a regular pattern.

  • Set up warnings and alerts, for instance to let an administrator know if there is a vacant shift or if someone has swapped a shift.

Further instructions on the details of the Reminders and Alerts are here.

2e. Confirm the people who you allow to administer the roster

By default, users who can administer a roster are given those administrative rights to all rosters. If you want to further limit the users who can edit your roster or publish shifts, go to the Administrators tab (J) and select 'No' against the name of any user you want to remove (K):

3. Entering the roster

Do not start entering doctors into their shifts yet. We will provide additional assistance once the rosters are properly set up.

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